You can view and edit settings at the portfolio or project level. Portfolio settings affect all the projects in that portfolio, and project settings only affect a specific project.

The settings are displayed if you're assigned to a role that has the permissions for them.

Locked project settings

Some settings, such as lookup lists, are available in the portfolio and project settings. By default, the project settings are locked, so they inherit their settings from the portfolio. If you unlock the settings at the project level, they become project-specific and editable. If you lock them again, the project-specific settings are replaced by the portfolio-level settings.

  • After you unlock the project settings, changes at the project level only affect new records or records that are updated after the settings were unlocked.
  • The company settings are never locked because the companies and their details are the same in the portfolio and project settings.
  • If the workflow status settings are unlocked, and a workflow status is used for a record, the settings can't be relocked.

Settings by level