In ProjectSight, you can be one or more of the following types:

  • Company contact: You're included on the Contacts tab of a company record.
  • Project contact: You have access to a project.
  • ProjectSight user: You're invited by the administrator to collaborate in one or more projects in that portfolio. Company and project contacts don't have to be ProjectSight users.

Your portfolio administrator sets the permissions that determine which modules and actions you have access to.

Learn more about ProjectSight

When you start working in ProjectSight, you can:

  • Review the user interface to see how the application is laid out.
  • Customize your project dashboard so that it displays important project information at a glance.
  • Set up custom views so that you can see relevant information in the various record, drawing, and specification views.
  • Learn more about the panels that are available throughout the application.
  • Understand when notifications are sent and change your notification preferences.

Remember to get the ProjectSight mobile app so that your project information is available in the field.

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